Information for participants

Frequently Asked Questions

Where does the regatta take place?

Alpine lake Kezenoy-Am is the venue. This is a picturesque area dubbed ’Pearl of the North Caucasus’. The lake is situated 1870 m above sea level in the subalpine meadows belt. Often referred to as ‘azure’, the lake is regarded as a site of hydrological natural heritage.

How do I arrive in Grozny?

The airport of the first city in the Chechen Republic welcomes domestic and international flights. There ply direct daily flights from Moscow. The airport is 8 km far from the city centre.

Who collects me from the airport?

Guests and participants will be taken from the airport on a comfy mini-bus. On your arrival, keep to the flag of the regatta and the registration desk at the airport.

Where do I stay in Grozny?

You may choose the lodging yourself or opt for our offers. If you wish to arrive a day earlier, advise us beforehand, and we will come up with best accommodation options.

What’s on our list in Grozny?

Guests and participants should expect a fascinating trip around the modern city and encounter the main sites, the legends and peculiarities of Caucasian culture.

Is it long to get to Lake Kezenoy-Am?

The ride from Grozny to the venue, Kezenoy-Am Holiday Park, sprawls through scenic mountain valleys and lasts 2,5 hours on a couch. This journey will manifest your maiden visit to the Chechen highlands, acquaint you with rare splendour of the indigenous nature and attune to the wavelengths of outdoor leisure and Caucasian generosity.

Where do we stay during the regatta?

Participants and guests will lodge at Kezenoy-Am Resort by the lake. Clean air, picturesque mountains and well-developed site will ensure your memorable holiday.

The Holiday Park offers 58 hotel rooms, maisonettes accommodating 40 guests overall, a restaurant, a steam bath, a sports centre on the area of 1200 m2, sports ground, a boat station, a pier and other facilities.

Where can I dine at Kezenoy-Am?

There is a restaurant on the site. Besides, during the dates of the regatta a dining patio serving traditional Caucasian and Russian cuisine will be open.

About the format in detail please?

The regatta will be held as fleet racing with boat rotations on SB20 one-design boats. Find more in the Notice of Race in Reference Info section. Sailing Instruction will be available at the Helmsmen’s Briefing on the first racing day.

What boats will participate?

The regatta will be held on SB20 one-design boats. These are medium-sized nimble racing boats. More about the class you may find at Russian SB20 Class Association website.

Where do I find Reference Information?

In the section Reference Info. Here you will find general and specific information about the execution of Cup Kezenoy-Am 2018.

What will the races be like?

The course for short races will include 2–3 loops.

What participation options are there?

Only teams are eligible to apply. Please bear in mind that we expect to receive data from every crew member. Team participation conditions.

In case you have no crew but wish to participate, contact us and we will beckon you to a skipper.

Can I bring my friends or go as a visitor?

Yes. Please contact our manager for more detail.

How do I pay?

After receipt and processing of your application our manager will contact you back within 24 hours for more detail and send you a link to settle online.

If I need a visa?

We will furnish you with an official invitation to the regatta in the name of The Sailing Federation of the Chechen Republic. You will have to enclose a printed version of the document to your visa application.

I strive to take part but am afraid of sea-sickness.

We’ll be on the lake where there are no huge waves, hence you should not feel sick. Nonetheless, if you wish to gear yourself up, follow our advise.
Healthy food beforehand and on the spot: less fat, more vegetables.
Pinpoint your tasks while racing, don’t lose your grasp. Those who retain themselves have little chance of feeling under the weather.
If need be, use motion sickness treatment such as "Dramina".

What is the weather at Lake Kezenoy-Am at this time?

In July there are on average 21 sunny and 2 rainy days with 25 mm of precipation at 6% in yearly terms. Relative humidity at 52%.

Mountain terrain brings about unsteady climate conditions contingent on many factors. In summer water temperature on the surface is on average above 17–18 degrees Celsius and 7–8 degrees at bottom layers.

Here is the average air temperature

You can also view the weather by the lake live.

Is it safe?

Yes, absolutely! Today Chechnya is one of the most secure regions of Russia. By safety regulations, for the whole time from reception at the airport until the return flight you will be accompanied by the local authorities. Moreover, the area of the Resort where we’ll lodge during the regatta is enclosed and guarded.

What does ‘Kezenoy-Am’ mean?

Big trout lake.

How to attire in the Chechen Republic?

The Chechen Region is a distinctive Russian region with its own culture and customs. In Grozny, it is not recommended to wear open clothes even at +30. Men should prefer to wear trousers, T-shirts and polo shirts made from breathing sport fabrics. And women are expected to wear longer skirts and high-necked dresses. At the premises of the Holiday Park visitors can dress any decent clothes unrestrictedly. We devised a small reference sheet for guests and personally for racers.

Is there no alcohol in Chechnya?

Yes, this is true. There is a prohibition in the Chechen Republic, and alcohol consumption is forbidden.