The first children's team of sailing sports in Chechnya!

A historic moment for the Sailing Federation of Chechen Republic! Five boys and three girls today went from Grozny to the first sports camp in their lives. From tomorrow they will begin to learn sailing. Classes will be held in Novorossiysk in the Leader Yacht Club on Optimist class yachts.
The selection of children was a couple of weeks ago. The guys was chosen from 120 students. The main criterion was interest in sailing, as well as general physical training. These students showed the best results in pulling, running a hundred and a thousand meters. Children also past medical examination and psychological testing.
Thank you for helping the Chechen Republic of Tourism - Minister Muslim Baitaziev, the Mayor of Grozny, Yakub Zekriev, the Deputy Mayor of Grozny, Ruslan Alisultanov, the Grozny Department of Education, the Grozny Department of Transport, the Grozny Interior Ministry, the President of the Krasnodar Regional Sailors Federation, and the President of the Red Square. And personally to Kirill Zinchin.
Together with you we started a big and very important business for the Republic!

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